Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Senegal in Chicago

HI honey pies.

I thought tonight's reunion could be pics from my trip to Chicago.  My travel style lacks the luster of a wild adventure, but nevertheless I had a fantastic return to Chicago.  I walked streets with my camera, pausing in bakeries for snacks, before continuing to stroll around a neighborhood or museum.  I felt happy to be there over the Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend.  I felt proud I had set aside that long weekend to celebrate the Civil Rights Movement in the home of the Chicago Freedom Movement.  And I'm happy to share these snapshots with YOU.  So ta-daaaa, here you go:

The next few pictures are from the Field Museum of Natural History.
On my maternal side, our African ancestry is rooted in Senegal, so I was excited about this exhibit.

This was a favorite moment for me:  There was a gallery of mummies at the Field Museum, and this child mummy was about the same age of the little boy who had his hand pressed against the glass partition.  In Spanish the little boy was repeatedly questioning his grandmother, "¿Está muerto?"  ("Is he dead?")  And the grandmother was repeatedly responding "Sí, chico.  Sí."  As the boy continued to press - I think, disturbed by the deceased little boy in front of him - this grandmother eventually reassured her grandson, "Pero es antiguo."  ("But it's ancient. /  But it's history.")  I was so fascinated by this little boy's reaction!  I smiled at his grandmother, and then we started to chat about why she was visiting from Argentina and why she thinks it's more difficult to learn English.  -  On a separate note, the Mummy Exhibition felt sacred.  I do not post this picture casually.  Please view it respectfully, and I do not give permission for this image to be reprinted elsewhere.

I grew up with pet finches, so the museum wing housing stuffed birds was really interesting to me.

Regular readers know that I have the worst luck when it comes to love.  After reading this placard describing efforts that some male birds undertake in order to win a female bird's favor, I thought to myself "Sheesh, I wish!  If only someone would try to dazzle me..."  I'm thinking about going to a speed dating event, which may be the topic of a future blog post - right now I feel like it'd turn out to be creepy and disappointing, so I may not do it?

The Field Museum mostly features taxidermy, and they feature it pretty darn well.  The Field Museum is a cool place!  These are the Fighting Elephants, and supposedly they were a big deal back in the 1890s when taxidermy had never been successfully done with animals that were this large.

Downtown Chicago along the Chicago Riverwalk

crossing the Chicago River

the Civic Opera Building, and its classic art deco architecture

Monroe Street Bridge 

more Chicago Riverwalk 

I usually visit a church whenever I visit a city.  
This is the exterior and interior of Old St. Patrick's.

a lion guarding the Art Institute of Chicago

I've triumphantly arrived at the Bean.  Woo!

Last night in town, heading back to my Airbnb.  The exterior and interior of the CTA Station, Randolph/Wabash on the Loop.

It's very late, and I need to go to bed now, but I will end by sending love to these folks:
Dear Barack.  Dear Michelle.  Dear Sasha and Malia.  Dear Jill and Joe.  YOU are missed.