Thursday, January 12, 2017

holiday cards + chicago

Since it's been awhile, let's jump into a general update.  Sound good to you, cutie?  OKAY - let's hit it!

[1]  HOLIDAYS    I am big into hand delivering or snail mailing old fashioned cards - for birthdays, for anniversaries, but especially over the holiday season.  So to be totally honest about how much of a dork I am, I haven't written a blog in about 2.5 months because I've been preparing packages for the people in my life.  Annually, I start with my oldest and dearest - the college boyfriend who'll always be special; the childhood friends I've been close with for 20+ yrs; and the coworkers who over the years have morphed into confidantes and activity partners.  I deliver some cards to beloveds' homes - with pies, mixed CDs, and/or gift bags - or I drop bundles of notes into the mailbox. And this simulation of Santa will continue throughout January, as I continue to pass out happy-new-year handsels.  For example, next week my physician will receive her holiday package with mugs and other office goodies - because she's taken fantastic care of my health for the last decade...  So that's where I've been, dear reader:  Saying "Happy holidays" and "Thanks for everything" to folks I adore.

the 2017 card that i'm sending out this year

[2]  FILM COMPANY    On Friday morning, 30 December 2016, I went to the City Clerk's Office at Somerville City Hall, where I filed a certificate which serves to initially institute the film company as a local new business.  Now, though it may seem a surprisingly small next step, I think it's important that I get a file cabinet and soon.  Because I'm amassing various registration certificates plus similar paperwork which should be kept organized and all together, in one safe and accessible place - aka ... my bedroom haha.  (That was really funny to me for some reason.  Sleepy giggles as I type.)  So the company has been officially founded - hurrah! - and it was possible because of the film's very first investor.  Gratitude to this investor, and updates will continue - file cabinet photos and much more.

[3]  CHICAGO    I took off next week from my job, and I am going to Chicago.  I love Chicago.  I went regularly during high school with my pal Dan.  I love the train system and its elevated platforms, offering panoramic views of neighborhoods.  I enjoy the smell of the city.  I enjoy the food.  Most of all, I respect the people.  I love Chicagoans' Midwestern character - openness, friendliness, agreeableness, calm and steady warmth, authentically polite while quickly getting to the point - goddamn, I love it!  Being a vacation, I'll honor my inner turtle by taking it easy.  I'm going to bring my camera, and I'm just gonna do lots of walking.  Sometimes visiting a museum but mostly riding trains, roaming streets, and soaking in Chi.  Also - another exciting prospect - I got an Airbnb on the Brown Line, so for the first time I'll commute over the Wells Street bridge across the Chicago River.

the Wells Street drawbridge

It's almost midnight and time for me to turn in.  Wrapping up our first blog of 2017, I'll conclude with this:  Happy new year to YOU.  So glad you are YOU, and very grateful YOU continue to stop by our blog.  I hope your holiday was happy.  I hope you sleep tight, and I hope we speak again soon.  Huge electronic bear hug!  xoxo