Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I got a car and a lawyer.

HAPPY HALLOWS EVE.  To the Halloween babes - like my sister - I hope it is a happy birthday for you!

Since the last Broke Bridget blog, it's been a whirlwind 29 days, so tonight let's do a general update:

[1]  I had to finance a car for work.  Last summer while I was job searching, I was lucky to have three decent offers, but I went with my current employer because they were requiring me to get a vehicle.  I haven't written about the car before now because it was (ahem) definitely a process, and during that process I was never sure I'd pull it off.  Faking it til making it, surprisingly I made it.  I got a Kia, which I've named Sosie, and I love driving at night!  This isn't my first car.  Once upon a time, I had a life in Maine, and I had a car up there - roaming around snowy, unmarked roads lit bright by stars and moonshine was one of my favorite things to do - some things have not changed...

[2]  My film has a securities attorney.  I've continued to work on the movie's budget and, only a quarter of the way through, I have already surpassed the one million dollar mark.  To me, to many people, that's a lot of money.  So I'm thinking it's wise to somehow regulate the film's finances, ensuring nobody gets screwed.  The legal function of a securities attorney is to be the middleman between a creative entity and the entity's investors.  That may sound boring and complicated, but here's why it's actually cool and exciting:  By the end of the year, I will have established my film company (the creative entity) and then comes the investors (money for cast, crew, and etceteras).

[3]  We come to the wild card of the evening.  The moment when you might roll your eyes and sigh "Oh Bishop, reaching for the stars."  Well yes, reaching for one star in particular:  Hayley Mills.  I want to speak with Hayley Mills about my movie.  I don't know why, it's a feeling and I just want this (shrug). Maybe because, at heart, I'm a 33-year-old Baby Boomer.  I grew up watching Hayley Mills, and I've seen most of her movies.  Summer Magic remains my favorite, and I am hoping that she might be interested in Virginia Woolf, Virginia's novel, and adapting it - maybe as a producer, maybe in a supporting role.  I've been sending out emails to producers and theatres who have worked with Hayley Mills in the past, and I'm hoping to communicate with this actress sometime in the near future.  Fingers crossed.

THIS is the Parent Trap I grew up watching!
(And now you know why I'm the way I am...)

[4]  On Wednesday night, I'm meeting with the Managing Director of another local playhouse.  We're going to discuss the possibility of me producing Little Women next spring.  Producer cred, woot woot!!

Okay, I've gotta end.  Tuesdays are a ten-hour workday, so I really need to turn in soon.  To me, this blog feels more rushed and less fleshed out than other posts.  But I wanted to say hello, sleep tight, and thanks for being YOU.  Thanks for being here now on Earth in 2016 reading our Broke Bridget blog.

Let's get together again soon, yeah yeah yeah!