Saturday, August 6, 2016

Thanks, Jimmy Carter

OH it's you!  Yay hi hi, and I hope the rabbits have helped your August to begin with a bouncy start.

Last week I wrote a blog post sharing the scary amount of my school loan debt -- more than $70K.

Providentially, two days later, I received an email from the U.S. Department of Education with an application I should fill out and return, so it can be determined if I'm on a track for loan forgiveness.

I'd never considered loan forgiveness because I thought that was an option only for those who volunteered with Americorp and PeaceCorp but, after reading the info sent to me, it seems the field I'm in may also fall under the umbrella of Public Service.  So I'm going to submit the application this next workweek and find out if I won't have to live with school loan debt for the rest of my life.

The U.S. Dept of ED has always had my file.  They have always known what I owe, as well as my work history.  If the opportune timing of this recent email from the DoED has anything to do with a Broke Bridget reader, then I say again:  thank YOU.  I'll keep you updated, and I hope you have a fun wknd!

(P.S.  Prior to 1979, there was a government agency dedicated to education, but President Carter upgraded the agency to cabinet level, giving it more money and human resources.  Thanks, Jimmy.)

former president Jimmy Carter