Friday, June 12, 2015

plus one pittsburgh sublet

SO - surprise of all surprises, I have actually landed a sublet in Pittsburgh.  It will be the exact same rent I am currently paying, so that is smooth-transition-number-one.  It'll be another attic bedroom setup, similar to where I hibernate now, making this smooth-transition-number-two.  The bedroom is furnished, so I won't have to bring much besides my two laptops plus favorite books and clothing. HOWEVER the top feature, as far as I can tell from the craigslist advert, is the beautiful and newly refurbished kitchen that has been painted an inspiring yellow and leads out to a sunny deck+garden.

Mister Swan and Miss Ingrid, I am finally excited about the Andy Warhol Museum!

My 'hood will be the supposedly-hip Lawrenceville.  Both of these pictures show sections of 45th St.
As my sublet is on 44th, it's just around some corner.